Due to an increase in orders, please allow a week or more for your purchase to be shipped out. Each product is hand painted to perfection so that you may love it just as much as we do. We appreciate all your trust and patience and look forward to working with you. Rush orders are available, but must be purchased at time of checkout with the hoodie you’d like done. Thanks so much!

Bleached Inque

Welcome to Bleached Inque, where every item is hand painted with the artists own bleach and tears. (well, one of them at least).

Our Beginning

Our very first creation was a pair of old goodwill jeans that were painted with bleach to create a japanese theme of the yin yang koi fish. Later, after much cosideration and new designs, a business began to form. As of September of 2022, Bleached Inque became an official business and we couldn't be happier to bring these creations to you.

What we do

We offer customizable T-shirts and hoodies, as well as other designed attire that are part of our permanent collection. They have all been hand painted and neutralized pre-shipment. These are all made to order and make perfect gifts for family or yourself! 

Past custom orders

Pet Portraits

Additional info

Timely Shipping

Some orders may take a little while due to the artist having to paint each piece to order. Especially those with custom orders, please be patient! Our artist is working very hard to make sure each item is sent out looking amazing and something they know you'll love!


Is there anything special I need to do when I wash my product?

       Yes! This material IS heavy cotton and therefore it WILL shrink if not washed and dried properly. Instructions are sent with every shirt explaining the washing/drying process. Heavy cotton should only be washed on the cold water setting and air dried if possible to prevent any shrinking.

Does the bleach damage the clothes?

       While it does slightly damage the shirt, great care is taken to make sure the fabric is only exposed to the bleach for a very short amount of time before getting rinsed with a liquid that deactivates the bleach. This prevents any major damage, like holes, to appear on the clothing.

Am I able to wear my Bleached Inque clothing like I do all my other clothes?

      Of course! The only real difference between our products and other apparel items is the fact that it is made from heavy cotton and can shrink. If washed and dried properly, your items will last you as long as your other clothes.

Can I wash this with my other clothes?

      Yes! Before shipping the items to you, the bleach is deactivated and will not damage the clothes it is on, nor will it bleed on to any other fabric it touches. 

Bleached Inque X Afterflame

Special discounts applicable for After Flame customers.

Welcome to the Bleached Inque X Afterflame collaboration!